A little bit about us

Team One Global, Inc

Team One Global are a specialist direct marketing company. We are contracted to represent a variety of businesses that either do not have their own sales/marketing team or find that it is much more economical to outsource the work. Team One Global provide these companies with a dedicated, product trained and professional team to market their products and/or services.

Team One Global provide all this and much more through our word of mouth marketing campaigns delivered by an enthusiastic, committed and professional team. We recognize that each client has its own individual needs and requires a unique solution. No two clients are the same, no two campaigns are the same, no two presentations are the same – Team One Global develop a unique approach for each of our clients individual needs.

Team One Global are leaders in their field by delivering high quality results for their clients on a daily basis, not only meeting their clients’ targets but exceeding them. Team One Global get outsourced by clients to handle their sales and marketing needs. We are a company who specialize in generating customers, increasing market share and offering the most cost effective way to increase brand awareness for our clients. We have found a ‘unique’ niche in the market that we are able to attack with full force, and generate massive growth within our industry.

Here at Team One Global we have recently signed a contract with a brand new client and are looking to generate massive growth for both ourselves and our new client. We always look to grow and expand with every single client we represent. With our more proactive and personalized approach, our form of marketing adds the perfect personal touch and ensures the consumer does not feel the pressure of “the sale” and instead feels fully informed.

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