The Opportunity

Toronto, ON
Information Technology
Entry Level
Full-time - Permanent

As a Web Designer, you will help FGT to create amazing user experience with our website. Your creative ideas and codes will enhance the layout and user friendless of our website to better engage with our audience. In addition, you will identify and implement SEO opportunities to expand our reach, giving more people in need the opportunity to acquire technologies and conserve the environment.

What you'll do?

  • Evaluate and give recommendations of FGT's current website, such as layout, architectures, interactive features, user friendless, and SEO
  • Implement recommendations and update our webpage content regularly
  • Create backup files and determine technical requirements
  • Transform your unique and original web design ideas from concept to codes while adhering to the brand voice
  • Evaluate and develop SEO strategies for FGT
  • Implement SEO recommendations to enhance our website traffic and expand our reach
  • Perform continuous keyword discovery, expansion and optimization
  • Collaborate with the Marketing and Visual Identity teams to transform branding and marketing ideas to web page design and other visual materials
  • Be part of our coding team! Solve code problems if necessary
  • Have the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with our volunteers and the community, gaining team building experience in the process
  • You are not alone! You will work together as a team with people who have skillsets that compliment yours, so you will always be supported

What you'll do


What will your contribution lead to?

  • -You'll dream big and develop honest high-impact content that touches on the heart of all things Free Geek! - You'll help FGT to build an appealing and informative online platform to deliver our social impact and our service to the audience. You input will directly impact our reach; we want more people to find us to recycle e-waste and conserve our environment at the same time. Additionally, you'll help build a more cohesive and dedicated volunteer team.
  • You will also provide community members from marginalized groups, as well as volunteers like yourself, a chance to acquire technology, information and skills needed to reach the goals they aspire to and improve their life, through skill development and training events.
  • Your impact is not limited to a predetermined set of responsibilities. We really listen to you, both within and without the context of your role. We have a non-hierarchical structure, which means that your word is as important as anyone else's, and when you have a smart idea, it's not going to die in a suggestion box ? you can truly shape the path of this organization.

How much work?

Minimum commitment of 6 months - must be able to commit to 6 months

  • Total of 10 - 14 hours per month
    • 2 hour meetings every other weekend (on-site)
    • 6 - 10 hours outside of meetings per month (Schedule flexibility and freedom to volunteer from home)

A little bit about us


Free Geek Toronto (FGT) is a non-profit social enterprise in the heart of West Queen West helping to bridge the digital divide. We accept donations of electronic waste, refurbish computers, and re-sell them at accessible prices.

Our vision is to make our city a place where e-waste is disposed of responsibly, safely and ethically, and where everyone has access to computers and the Internet.

Our mission is to promote social and economic justice by:

  • Reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste through reuse and recycling
  • Increasing access to computing and communications technologies
  • Promoting the use of Free and Open Source Software
  • Providing education, training, and job skills.

Our current funding streams are a mix of revenue from the sale of refurbished electronics (mostly laptops) and ethical recycling, and several single and multi-year grants. There remains untapped potential to grow our revenue significantly in the future.

Are you interested?

Work With Us


To make an impact, locally and globally

  • Conserve the environment and empower people in your community
  • Refurbish e-waste - Give technology a second life in the hands of those who need it

Enhance your career path

  • You can build your web design portfolio
  • Exponential growth of your experience in web design and SEO, a stepping stone for your future success
  • You will get to know and work together with volunteers with different background. Achieving goals together will enhance your communication skills
  • Gain connections and experience within the nonprofit sector
  • FGT is in a significant growth phase and can offer volunteers progressively more responsible roles with emphasis on roles related to volunteer personal or professional development goals
  • Potential to lead and develop new initiatives at FGT including developing and leading training sessions for peers. You will be coached on how to lead and develop training sessions
  • Continuous learning and professional development, cross-training opportunities, and skill development opportunities within and outside of your field

Expand your horizon and networks

  • Make connections to passionate volunteers with different background at FGT
  • Gain different skills and perspectives from the people that you are volunteering with
  • Recognition and incentives

At FGT, your contribution will be recognized! Depending on your contribution, we can provide reference letters, website recognition, free event tickets, and many more!