Posted September 6th 2017

Position Description

A very partial set of Office Manager responsibilities so you can get an idea: 

  • Walk for 10 minutes to the nearby Dollerama to get a card and sparklers for someone's birthday 
  • Buy the necessary and fun stuff the office needs (e.g. on Amazon) and then take ownership of that stuff when it arrives 
  • Check if our cereal or Keurig cups are running low 
  • Put together s.w.a.g. packages for our new employees 
  • Help us write good job postings (like this one) 
  • Manage our events

That being said, the ideal candidate has unlimited upward potential within the company and can assist with customer support, content writing, managing our social media accounts, and finding other ways to deliver maximum value in any way they can.

Additional Information


  • Become an exclusive member of the official Shoelace PPC ("Party Planning Committee") - one of Shoelace's most exclusive committees 
  • A good health benefits plan after 3 months 
  • Join a team of funny and cool people (we like memes, for example)

Company Description

Shoelace is currently a 13 person team. Sometimes, we self identify as a band of talented misfits. We have a great team that supports and respects each other. Our organization is about to undergo a lot of change and growth. This means we each have lots on our plate and need to offload some of what we used to do to an Office Manager.