The Opportunity

Halifax, NS
Full-time - Permanent

As an early employee of Aurea, we will be expecting this hire to be a leader and to take on numerous roles - not just relating to mechanical design. Aurea has had significant traction in a very exciting industry - this has resulted in connections with some of the largest and most innovative organizations on the planet. We have big plans and we hope you will be a part of it!

We are very focused on product design - it is one of the ways our wind turbine technology is addressing current technical issues in the industry. Safety is a big component of this - understanding what the potential hazards are and finding numerous ways to address them is extremely important. Another important factor of our technology is aesthetic design. How our products look is a big part of our company's brand. Being consistent in design approaches and features will be crucial as we roll out new technologies.

What you'll do


We're looking for someone who has a natural talent for design, problem solving, and working with people. This person will influence product features and specs, will need to be able to understand fluid dynamics and materials engineering, as well as thrive independently or as part of a team. The hire will also assist in overseeing manufacturing and ongoing product improvements after commercialization.

What you'll need


You must have a Bachelor's Degree for Mechanical Engineering and at least a co-op term of industry experience. The candidate must:

  • Be coachable
  • Have excellent problem-solving skills
  • Have the ability to self-learn and adapt
  • Have experience in CAD software
  • Have a basic understanding of fluid dynamics
  • Have a basic understanding of materials engineering
  • Be able to build and execute a project plan
  • Have a basic understanding of manufacturing processes
  • Lead a team and work well as part of one
  • Have a passion for renewable energy
  • Be flexible in roles and responsibilities

A little bit about us


Aurea develops wind turbine technologies for applications when other renewables are not a viable option. When properly designed, wind can play a crucial role in reducing environmental impact, increasing energy savings, and sustaining energy needs independently from the electrical grid. The company’s first product, Shine, is a smart, portable, micro wind turbine that charges USB devices while doing outdoor activities. The second product, Flare, is an urban wind energy system for high rise buildings that creates electricity from naturally-occurring wind tunnels.

Are you interested?

Work With Us

We are a company that builds scalable solutions for real-world problems. We are looking for team members that understand that knowing everything is not possible but having the ability and confidence to collaboratively figure out issues as they arise is the key to success.

We hope you apply for this great opportunity and we look forward to meeting you!