Posted October 20th 2017

Position Description

We're on a mission to transform industries globally, through new venture creation and building a new, scalable model for startup investing and corporate innovation that works. Highline BETA helps forward-thinking enterprises innovate faster and co-create new ventures in the areas of FinTech, InsurTech, Digital Health and CPG.

To do that, we work very closely with our corporate clients in helping them understand and take on new ways of working, providing programming, training and active mentorship to support our approach to new venture creation. One of our key approaches to doing this is our Intrapreneurship Accelerator Program, which over the course of 5+ weeks, helps teams of intrapreneurs apply Lean Startup and Design Thinking to new challenges and opportunities. 


  • Continuously evolve our training materials, tools and best practices in applying Lean Startup, Design Thinking and other frameworks for driving innovation
  • Conduct hands-on bootcamps and training sessions with clients (typically 1-5 days)
  • Provide active mentorship and stewardship on a regular basis in-person and via remote tools (e.g. Slack)
  • Lead program delivery success with key stakeholders (corp sponsor, innovation lead, participants) to grow impact within corporate client's organization
  • Identify new clients and expand opportunities with existing clients to grow the Intrapreneurship Practice within Highline BETA

Ultimately, the Intrapreneurship Practice Lead is responsible for supporting and driving sales and account growth of our intrapreneurship training and mentorship services, and delivering those services to clients. Our goal is to give intrapreneurs the skills, tools and confidence to innovate more quickly and make a difference.


  • Expert in key frameworks and methodologies including: Lean Startup and Design Thinking: (1)You've used these frameworks yourself for building new products/businesses; and (2) You've trained others (in a formal setting) on using these approaches
  • Constantly exploring the intersection of various approaches within Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Jobs to be Done, etc. -- you're not married to any one way of doing things, but you are able to teach others how to apply these methodologies in a simple and meaningful way
  • Comfortable with significant client interaction and interest in building relationships
  • Ability to identify opportunities for growth and subsequently take a leadership role in exploring new ideas
  • Startup experience of some capacity (i.e. founded a startup, worked at one, mentor/advise startups)
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively, both verbally and in writing
  • Love coaching and mentoring others
  • Comfortable with 5+ days per month of travel

Additional Information

You'll have an opportunity to take a leadership role at Highline BETA and help build a key aspect of our growing business. You'll be instrumental in helping clients navigate the challenging waters of intrapreneurship and new venture development.

You'll be working with a passionate team of entrepreneurs and doers that believe in changing how big companies innovate.

Love Lean Startup and Design Thinking? Love the idea of helping people innovate from within big companies? Love teaching, training and mentoring people? Apply Now.

Company Description

Highline BETA is a startup co-creation company that partners with leading corporations to launch new ventures in the areas of FinTech, InsurTech, Digital Health and CPG.