Posted November 7th 2017

Position Description


Smile Projects Mandate to deliver smiles and imrove the lifestyle and day to day quality of life for our recipients. Recently we have funded and participated in Exoskelton technology which brought our attention to emerging Medical Technology, and the boundless benefits of Human/AI Integration. The smile project is not a registered charity and like our Real Estate Fund is privately Funded.

Past Smiles ranged from Home and Lifestyle Upgrades eg. Home Automation, Accesibilty Customization,and Art Gifting, and for those tethered to their home(s) resulting from physical and or cognitive disabilies, or other pesonal circumstance we bring the "Smile" to them eg. Art Programs,Comedy Shows, Musicical Experiences.

The candidate will explore, and Identify emerging trends and technologies to be utilized in delivery of "Smiles".

Candidate will participate and be directly resonsible in Identifying the Individuals, and or Groups that will be the Smile Target. Once the Smile Target is Established candiate will explore, and select specific opporunties(reflective and tailored to the Target) within Technology, Medical Technology, Arts, Entertainment, and all other Experiential and or Life Upgrades. Candidate from start to finish will take a creative and practicle approach to delivery of the "Smile".

Recently we took control of a multi residential complex the new idea is to offer housing for a determined period at no cost to our selected beneficiary(s). Ideal candiate should be able to take an idea like this and formalize and prepare for offering.

This is the dynamic, unstructured, creative, yet fullfilling entity that is The Smile Project.



Increasing Brand Awareness for A.C.I.

Refine, Create, and Invent the socail media, cybe presense of the Company 

Locate Opportunities for sponsorhip and participation in the Tech sector so as to integrate their innovations into our Giving Model.

Candiate will through network/networking offer start up capital or the like to tech companies that can directly assist through product and innovation, our "Smile" participants. Using Adrock Capital as the Vehical to give and participate in any manner will allow the Smile Project to innovate their ability to give the gift of the "Smile" 

 Step into exisiting sponsorships, events, and activities associated with branding etc.


  1. High Level of Proficiency and accuracy in Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  2. Working Knowledge of Databases like Raisers Edge Etc
  3. Strong written and communication skills
  4. Ability to develop and work in a cross-funtional capacity SMILE/ADROCK
  5. Creative and Able to Traverse all Sectors for giving and corporate needs 
  6. Ability and want to learn about the real esate landscape in Toronto 

Additional Information

Position will be Full Time and Inclusive of Full Benefits. Salary will be reflective of expereince, and initial abilities. This postion crosses all secorts of the businses landscape, and same diversity with the "Smile Targets" The idea candiate must be flexible and committed to being not only part of the projects but creating them.

Please put:

ATTENTION: AGNES T. in the Subject line of email.

Company Description


Established in 2005, has been innovating, and creating lending solutions for the Real Estate Developement Community, and providing Asset Managment. We are a private Real Estate Fund and Real Asset Management Firm.

More background, and direct Info on ADROCK CAPITAL INC. will be provided to candidate.


Is a wide ranging Philanthropic endevor that began with a singular focus on the Special Needs Community of Toronto, and has now grown beyond. It has and had a simple mandate. Deliver Smiles through various means and emerging tehcnologies. The focused demographic are those left behind, lost, marginalized, and not cared for by mainstream society, and Government Programs.

Smile Projects creation simply came from seeing the power of smiles, and the phyical change it creates within individuals. We have been trying to create conditions, experiences, and gifting that results in increased quality of life and long term benefit. The growth has been organic and only in the third quarter of 2017 has growth required additional staffing.