Posted October 12th 2017

Position Description

As part of developing our growing service ecosystem, we are hiring a DevOps & Systems Engineer to 1) keep our development team sane by helping build and maintain scalable, reliable, and fully compliant infrastructure and backend code base and 2) help design and develop new APIs and back-end systems.

You should be able to:

  • Work independently in a small team
  • Be comfortable with deciding the infrastructure destiny of the company
  • Extensive experience with managing AWS services
  • Experience with containerization and container orchestration
  • Experience with relational databases
  • Experience in implementing APIs and back-end systems

It would nice if you have:

  • Experience in infrastructure security
  • At least a vague interest in PHIPA/HIPAA compliance
  • Understanding of load balancing and scaling systems
  • Knowledge of Python and Flask or an equivalent (e.g. Ruby and Sinatra)

You’ll be working on:

  • Analyzing system performance
  • Implementing logging and monitoring
  • Developing configuration management and deployment automation
  • Managing containers and dockerized deployment using Rancher
  • Occasional external API management and backend server development
  • Building new APIs, maintaining existing APIs and developing server-side app features

Company Description

WinterLight Labs is a Toronto-based company which has developed software for objectively quantifying speech and language to detect and monitor dementia and other neurological disorders, using cutting-edge natural language processing algorithms and machine learning. Subsequent to two seed rounds, we are piloting our technology with pharmaceutical companies, senior care providers, and clinicians throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe.