Halifax, NS


Your Opportunity:
Working as a Database Architect you will be responsible for managing all client and partner databases and determining solutions to technical problems. Solutions often include a software-systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement, structural changes or architectural planning.

Our Ideal Candidate:
You possess exceptional attention to detail and technical skills. You work well in a team atmosphere and on an individual basis. You are well able to handle multiple tasks at one time and are open to both receiving and giving suggestions about new and better or different methods of tackling tasks and or issues. With your excellent communication skills you are able to relay information and collaborate not only within the Technology Dept, but also with the organization as a whole using plain English when required. In addition you are also:

  • Keen to learn new and innovative ways of operating within your role
  • Have a strong commitment to team and collaboration
  • Display resourcefulness, creativity and strategic thinking for troubleshooting problems.
  • Design scalable and reliable Big Data solutions leveraging Hadoop , RDBMS, BI tools, SaaS platforms and APIs
  • Design data warehousing strategies and architectures to efficiently analyze Big Data sets
  • Manage databases to support Big Data initiatives.
  • Analyze the overall performance of the data retrieval process to avoid system bottlenecks
  • Design data structures to provide a thorough data profiling analysis.
  • Work with the data science team to get a thorough understanding of the data and how it correlates to the various applications.
  • Support the design of machine learning applications
  • Define various logical models for the various Big Data software components
  • Work collaboratively with all levels of business to understand complex data relationships.