The Opportunity

Moncton, NB
Customer Service
Entry Level
Full-time - Permanent

Alongside is seeking a Customer Success Specialist to join our growing team. Customer success is extremely important to our company mission, so you'll be filling a crucial role. You'll work in cooperation with our sales team and product manager to provide an excellent holistic experience with Alongside.

Remember the last time you had excellent customer service while getting your coffee? They took their time to chat with you, remembered your order, and made it perfectly. They made your morning brighter, and reminded you that this interaction was part of why you always come back to that cafe. We're looking for that kind of person. Someone who genuinely loves helping people and taking the extra time to make them feel valued. After all, it's not what you say, but how you make people feel that really matters.

What you'll do


  • Respond to customer service inquiries in a timely and professional manner
  • Assist in onboarding of new customers
  • Proactively seek opportunities to engage with new and existing customers to improve their experience with our platform
  • Identify and troubleshoot customer service issues. Work with development and product manager on any issues.
  • Manage ads & accounts on several partner websites for our postings
  • Present benefits of Alongside's product and service offerings

What you'll need


Language: English, French (Bilingualism required)

  • University degree or college diploma are considered assets, but not required.
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Excellent verbal & written communication skills
  • Extremely comfortable with doing 90% of job tasks online

We're looking for

Core Skills

Time management skills Interpersonal Communication Abilities Telephone Skills Team work Positive attitude Attention to detail Time Management Multi Tasking Problem Solving Skills Customer Service Professional Manner Written Communication

A little bit about us


Alongside is an HR tech company working to improve the way people and companies discover each other. We get that sourcing great talent can be extremely difficult and a huge time commitment.
Our product and customer success team are committed to supporting our clients hiring efforts every step of the way. We work alongside our clients and help them bring in more qualified candidates in a more collaborative and organized manner.
We also get that online recruiting can be extremely impersonal if it's not done right. People all have a story to tell and candidate experience is everything. We help candidates put their best foot forward and feel empowered to be their very best.

Are you interested?

Work With Us

We stand full-heartedly behind the meaning of togetherness. The balloons in our new logo represent job seekers, companies and us. They form a heart conveying the excitement and caring element we help bring to your recruitment process.

Alongside offers a non-traditional workplace with a close-knit team, and an 'always learning' approach to work. Our open office space is shared with other startups and always abuzz with excitement. We love ping pong, free coffee, yoga, celebrating birthdays, memes, and getting together for lunch. The team works together closely on projects and values celebrating our success as a team.


  • Competitive compensation
  • Work with very talented people who are creating the best HR platform
  • Benefits
  • Flexible schedule
  • Opportunities for professional development

We are a startup, and that means we need to push a little harder than the average bear but we still live fairly balanced lives and we're having a blast doing so. We're not looking to just fill a position here. We're looking for someone to join our team who will be committed to the team and our vision.

You won't likely be able to buy yourself that new BMW you've been dreaming of with the salary we can afford to give you at this stage, but with some early-stage equity in the company, in a few years time, you might be able to buy one for yourself and one for your mom.

What we can assure you are huge opportunities for personal and professional growth, fun times, the thrill of working with great people to create something special and the potential of achieving out of the ordinary success. If these work qualities are of interest to you, apply now.