Posted September 6th 2017

Position Description

As a Customer Success Manager, you'll be analyzing dozens of customer accounts per week to propose tweaks and improvements on their Facebook retargeting campaigns with Shoelace.

You'll be relaying your learnings back to the team with proposed solutions on how to automate the work you do. But don't worry - this will not put you out of a job! Things change very rapidly in our industry, so as soon as we've automated one strategy, we're already hard at work exploring the bleeding-edge trends to uncover what comes next.

Previous experience in digital marketing or Facebook ads is a bonus but otherwise, you should be confident that you can pick those skills up quickly.

Additional Information

Shoelace is currently a 13 person team. Sometimes, we self identify as a band of talented misfits. We have a great team that supports and respects each other. Our organization is about to undergo a lot of growth and change.

Company Description

Shoelace is building a retargeting expert that proactively creates and manages retargeting campaigns for e-commerce merchants. Most businesses don't have the budget to hire an expert. Shoelace is automating the role of a human expert and offering it at scale to those who otherwise couldn't afford one.

Here is an example of a Shoelace experience over SMS:

Shoelace: "Hi David! We’ve noticed your traffic has increased over 25% in the past week! Let's bump your daily budget up to $10/day to make sure we reach all of your new visitors. Reply YES and we'll get it done."

David: “YES”

Shoelace: “Done!”

This is just one example of the many conversations our users have with Shoelace.