Posted August 1st 2017

Position Description

WRKS is looking for a CTO to join our team to develop and grow our existing product.

Initially, the CTO will 
-select the tech team 
-specify the work to be done (architecture, schedule, project manage) 
-specify the user stories 
-do code reviews

Salary range: $30K - $70K. Equity range: 1% - 15%.

This position would start with 1 day per week, or more. Salary and equity are negotiable.

About you: 
You are driven and hard-working individual. You know how to make a scalable app and web platform from back to front end. You have a passion for entrepreneurship, innovation, and new projects.

Skills: Collaboration, Entrepreneurship, Web Development, Product Development, Leadership, Project Management, Innovation & Growth, Mobile Application Development, Teamwork

We will know you are doing a good job when we see... 
* Our apps have the right UX and functionality on all platforms (iOS, Android, web) as agreed with CEO/GM

*All development including bug fixes and enhancements happen quickly and according to schedule and priority as agreed, documentation (technical, schedule, and progress) are accurate and sufficient as agreed, and the apps meet runtime performance measures as agreed

* We have the right team of developers and designers in place: we enjoy working with them and they enjoy working with us, and they are effective.

* Development hits budget as agreed

* We enjoy working with you and you enjoy working with us.

Technologies we use: 
Backend is coded in Node.js 
iOS client is coded in Swift 3 
Android client is coded in Android SDK (java) 
We will build a web-version of our app in the coming months

Company Description

Why Us?

We are a funded company that has already gained traction, having surpassed 1000 downloads in the app stores. We are solving the shortfall of skilled labour that the construction and real estate industries are facing today. We are a small but collaborative team. Our CEO Corey Hawtin is a bright and driven leader who has built several successful companies and is great at setting direction.


WRKS is a mobile app that connects job seekers with positions in the construction and real estate industries. We have two customer segments: job seekers looking for work, and employers looking to hire for their team.

Setting up a profile takes 2 minutes and then you're in a network of great companies and job seekers. WRKS cuts down the obstacles of hiring and job seeking, providing a direct employer-candidate connection.