Posted November 16th 2017

Position Description

Serind Labs is a young company that builds beautiful mobile apps. We put our heart and soul into each app we build. Those apps together are used daily by millions of people. 
Working at Serind means challenging work and a lot of continuous learning. It also means being part of a team that is always pushing the boundaries of what's possible in technology.

We are looking for a self-starter to be the right hand and assist the Co-founder/CEO with running the company, sitting in on every meeting, taking clear notes, scheduling, organizing tasks, communicating both internally with team member as well as with clients. 

You don't need to have a technical knowledge but you do need to be able to learn quickly, be well organized, have a passion for self-improvement and personal growth, and be strong in (email/in-person/over-the-phone) communication. 



  • Assist Co-founder in all areas of (business/personal) life
  • Participate and take meeting notes in all meetings
  • Organize all paperwork in the office
  • Help with filing expenses
  • Communication with all clients via emails, setting up calendar invites, etc. 
  • Keep office well organized and stocked with snacks. 
  • Planning team lunches and outings. 


  • Can-do attitude

  • Self disciplined 

  • Ability to constantly learn and grow into a Project Co-ordinator / Office Manager role.

  • Extremely well organized

  • Great communicator (In person, email etiquettes)

  • Bonus: If you are active in startups or the technology scene. 

Company Description

Serind Labs builds some of the world's best apps. We build iOS, Android as well as web applications. For both brands and startups.

Our values:
Refuse the interruption (i.e. ASAP) culture. 
Believe in the right to disconnect. 
Tranquility at work.
Love the state of flow.
Quality of work is the holy grail. 
Respect and love for people who take risks.