Charlottetown, PE


We're a Charlottetown-based startup looking for a backend developer to help us build a world-class Content Management System (CMS). There's a growing trend in web development where people are using static site generators like Jekyll, Middleman, and Hugo in place of WordPress and Drupal. For instance, did you know that Obama's first campaign site was a Jekyll static site running on AWS? In 6 months they handled 81 million page views and processed $250 million dollars in donations. Well, we're building a CMS that works with sites like this.

We're building some interesting things with AWS, Rails, Go & Docker. Your familiarity with our stack isn't as important as your general programming proficiency and attitude. Our beta product was just spread around around Hacker News and Product Hunt, resulting in over 2,500 users. 

We're an engineering-driven team and the only startup in the Maritimes to be supported by Techstars (NY-based startup accelerator). Transparency, openess and hard-work are important to us. Salary, benefits and vacation time are competitive and negotiable. If you like working on tough problems with smart people and are comfortable with the flexible lifestyle of a startup, we'd love to hear from you.


Since we're a small team, your responsibilities will be varied. 

  • Building features with Ruby on Rails based on user feedback
  • Writing automated tests
  • Communicating and interacting with customers
  • Setting up and managing infrastructure