Posted September 6th 2017

Position Description

As an Associate Product Manager you’ll be working directly with our CEO (who is also our Head of Product) to help drive product initiatives at Shoelace. This is a rare opportunity to be in the heart of the action at a rapidly growing startup as the first product hire.

Shoelace was started by “unproven” founders who were eager to punch about their weight and we are looking for the same in the people who join the team. Past product experience is not required for this role, but here’s what we are looking for:


  • you have a killer work ethic and a strong ability to hustle to get things done 
  • you have deep empathy for the e-commerce merchants who are using our product 
  • you are comfortable getting in the weeds and doing non glamorous work (often) 
  • you are very organized and process-oriented. 
  • a part of you identifies as a Marketer as much as a product person. 
  • you are great at writing copy and long form content. 
  • you are naturally able get people together and working towards a shared goal

Additional Information

Shoelace is currently a 13 person team. Sometimes, we self identify as a band of talented misfits. We have a great team that supports and respects each other. Our organization is about to undergo a lot of growth and change.

Company Description

Shoelace is building a retargeting expert that proactively creates and manages retargeting campaigns for e-commerce merchants. Most businesses don't have the budget to hire an expert. Shoelace is automating the role of a human expert and offering it at scale to those who otherwise couldn't afford one.

Here is an example of a Shoelace experience over SMS:

Shoelace: "Hi David! We’ve noticed your traffic has increased over 25% in the past week! Let's bump your daily budget up to $10/day to make sure we reach all of your new visitors. Reply YES and we'll get it done."

David: “YES”

Shoelace: “Done!”

This is just one example of the many conversations our users have with Shoelace.