The Opportunity

Quebec City, QC
Can work Remote
Full-time - Permanent

At OVA / StellarX, we're all about people, spatial computing, and XR experiences; it's what we do best and it's what makes us different. To design ethical immersive experiences that foster well-being and community building, we start with ourselves. As a team, we're committed to maintaining a culture that's open, inclusive, and diverse. In our workspace, team members feel valued for their work and are always recognized for what they bring.

We're on a mission to design immersive spaces that are out of this world! StellarX, our product, empowers everybody to imagine, create, and explore like never before! Not only are we reshaping realities, but we're using XR to transform lives.

These days, we're on the hunt for a curious and passionate AI Developer to join our team! If you like clean code and architecture and always aim for quality, please keep reading. And, if the thought of joining a startup that specializes in virtual, augmented, and mixed realities gets you stoked, you just might be the person we're looking for!

As an AI Developer, you'll work with our interdisciplinary cross-functional teams to imagine and bring to life stellar XR applications that empower and transform businesses and individuals alike! Expect to apply your full-stack knowledge, design skills and get ready to dive into research and experiment with the latest technologies. And, get comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. We're exploring uncharted territory, so we need Crew mates who aren't afraid to brave the unknowns (and knowns) of the mysterious Metaverse. Consequently, surviving in our industry requires hard work, a creative and analytical mindset, sheer determination, and a serious team player attitude. We're paving the way for spatial computing and we take great pride in our work. We're in this together; nothing can stop us!

Although we've been around for a while, we're a small, yet mighty Crew of passionate individuals looking to impact the world, both virtual and IRL. So, if you're the compassionate, easy-going, geeky type with a passion for product development and a sense of adventure, we should chat. Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty…

What you'll do


  • Build and maintain a variety of Deep Learning and Machine Learning models.
  • Develop front-end tools to help understand and present the results of these models.
  • Be prepared to explain and defend the results of these models.
  • Work independently or in a team, be ready to share ideas, collaborate and learn.
  • Clean, organize and understand large datasets.
  • Work in an interdisciplinary environment.
  • Work as a team to ensure projects are running smoothly.
  • Manage documentation.

What you'll need


  • Advanced degree in Artificial Intelligence or related field
  • Knowledge in NLP, computer vision, machine learning, algorithms, deep learning
  • Culminating projects in the areas of data training and implicit bias.
  • Knowledge with a variety of testing strategies
  • Programming professionalism: clean code, architecture, quality, lean etc.
  • Familiarity with the Agile approach to product development.
  • Computing knowledge: optimization, data structures, algorithms, and programming languages.
  • Familiarity with the following development tools: Python, C#, C++, Unity, Visual Studio, Git, and Gitlab to name a few.
  • Experienced in either of the following cloud technologies like Azure, AWS, Google Cloud.
  • Strong Mathematical, Algorithms, Probability, and Statistics knowledge.

We're looking for

Core Skills

Algorithms Artificial Intelligence C++ Computer Vision Datasets Machine Learning NLP Python

A little bit about us


OVA is a pioneer recognized as a leader in AI-enabled immersive software technology development around the globe. Our extensive Spatial Computing experience has enabled our customers to implement XR to their daily activities to simplify and streamline their processes and business operations. Whether it's education, employee training simulations, prototyping, or visualizations, we'll empower your teams no matter what the challenge might be.

At OVA, we believe augmented and virtual reality will transform the way teams collaborate as they explore new ideas and unleash their true potential. When technology is applied to empower and extend human capabilities, amazing things happen. Let's work together to make a difference!

With access to some of the top academic labs in Canada, OVA has developed virtual and augmented reality experiences for clients such as Bombardier, the Royal Canadian Navy, Hydro-Qu├ębec, and Northwell Health, New York's largest hospital network.

Great experiences drive our modern lives, and at OVA, we'll create immersive experiences for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality that are not only valuable, but memorable, enjoyable, and easy to use. Get in touch and we'll help you bring your ideas to life!

Are you interested?

Work With Us

At OVA, we aim to make life enjoyable and fulfilling. We believe in empowering each team member to reach further and pursue their passions. Besides, the sky's the limit... And we'll help you get there!

Always be learning

Personal and professional growth means a lot to us. Whether you're looking to attend a conference, take a course to hone your skills, or even work on a passion project, we'll help you reach your goal. Receive up to $500 annually to put towards personal development and up to $2000 for professional development each year.

Give back and share

Community matters; we take it to heart. We're a passionate bunch of individuals looking to make a difference and we partner with people who share our mission. We're committed to giving back to the community and every year, our team members whole-heartedly dedicate their time and energy towards special causes for social good.

Health and wellness

Health is priceless; we get it. At OVA, we offer full healthcare coverage and benefits for you and your family, and we're more than happy to cover your yearly gym membership to help you stay fit and healthy. We'll also cover your parking pass or public transportation fees, to help you get from point a to b with ease - completely stress-free!

Family first

Sometimes life happens, and your family should always come first. Whether it's parental leave to welcome a new addition to your family, flexible hours to run to an appointment or drop your little one off at daycare, we'll make it work. We know it's the little things that matter and we'll do everything in our power to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.