Posted October 31st 2017

Position Description

The range of activities is wide and includes:

  • Market research and due diligence on potential investments.
  • Proactively searching for top investment opportunities, including discovering and meeting entrepreneurs who have founded businesses in which Round13 may be interested in investing.
  • Ongoing work with our portfolio companies, including financial analysis, research reports and board meeting attendance.
  • Investor reporting including: the collection of data, creation of reports, valuation analyses and written communications.
  • Execution of independent projects offering value to Round13 or its investees.


Your background should prove strong financial literacy skills and an understanding of key economic and technology trends.

Academics: We are open-minded and would consider candidates with undergraduate or post-graduate degrees in engineering or business, as well as candidates without degrees.

Work Experience: All applicants must have several years of full-time, relevant work experience. Specific experience may be in R&D, product management, finance, sales and marketing or new business development. Candidates may be entrepreneurs or employed in the technology, small business or investment industries. 


  • Passionate about technology and its impact on the world. You have an insatiable interest in new applications, trends and breaking developments. 
  • Street smart, with the right balance of optimism and common sense. You are practical and focus on tangible results. 
  • Strong interpersonal skills. You are able to connect with entrepreneurs and investors on behalf of R13 and are keen to immerse yourself in Canada's venture and entrepreneurial ecosystems.
  • Independent, with limited need for supervision and self-driven to get tasks done. We are a small team and can't do much handholding.
  • Effective written and oral communication skills. This means knowing how to write professionally and speak persuasively. 
  • Strong organizational skills. You will need to juggle many different projects and will be working with all four partners. We operate independently and need help staying organized also.
  • Financial literacy and spreadsheet skills are necessary. More importantly, you should understand how to take raw data, create financial models and convert data into actionable insights.

Additional Information

If interested, please forward us:

Resume: This should describe your qualifications and should be one-page only, plus a short covering note. Feel free to include social media links so as to help us get to know you better. Regardless, we will find everything out about you anyways.

Two videos: The first video (60 seconds max) should address: "Why do you want to work at Round13 and why should we hire you?"

The second video (90 seconds max) should answer the question: "In which emerging technology sector would you invest $1 mm of your own money today?" Please try to be as detailed as possible but do not choose specific private or public companies. 

Please use Ziggeo to securely record the video responses and submit a link to your video. Anything you say will not be shared outside of Round13. 

We'll be accepting applicants until midnight, Thursday, November 30, 2017, after which we will select a few candidates to meet in person. We are very big on culture and will ask final candidates to undergo a personality profile test. As well, you should expect to have your literacy and financial skills tested. 

Company Description

Round13 is a Toronto-based venture capital firm focused on investing in growth-stage information technology companies with the potential to become world leaders and generate outstanding returns for our investors. See:

The partners of Round13 are searching for an exceptional analyst to join its investment team. This is a challenging position offering immense opportunities for exposure to all aspects of venture capital investing and building the next generation of world-leading technology companies.